Balneotherapy takes place in well-suited tubs which allow the needed level of isothermy. The mother water deployed for the bath holds gradual concentrations ranging from 4° to 10° Beaumè. This treatment has variants such as:
• microbubble bath, particularly suited to patients having an improper peripheral venous circulation and those with metabolism disorders.
• whirlpool bath, suitable for patients having improper venous circulation and indicated for the recovery of orthopedic and post-traumatic disorders giving the body a sensation of relax and wellness.
The Center is above all a diagnostic clinic.
Lung specialists and cardiologists take care of the following:
• clinical examination
• computerized spirometry
• oximetry
• electrocardiogram.
LSalt-bromine-sulfur-iodine waters are useful to counter subacute and chronic inflammation of the female genital apparatus, especially with regard to connecting forms and sterility. Mother water has to be used at 3°-4° Bè, at a temperature of around 38 degrees injected with moderate pressure. Vaginal irrigation is performed by highly qualified professionals.
Here is a list of the diagnostic treatments performed at the Thermal Establishment:
• specialist medical examinations
• electrocardiograms
• Doppler examinations
• audiometric examinations
• bio-electrical impendance analysis
• spirometry examinations
• o.r.l. fibroscopies
• allergometric tests
• prove allergometriche
Mud Therapy is performed by applying never-recycled mud on the concerned body parts. Mud is heated at a temperature of 45° and then applied on patients for approximately 10-15 minutes. This therapy is medically indicated for countering osteoarthritis, extra-articular rheumatism and chronic degenerative arthropaties as well as in other diseased in the field of orthopedics and traumatology. Muds are greatly effective also in the gynecological field, applied in the pelvic area and associated to balneotherapy and vaginal irrigation.
Medical doctors and multi-disciplinary practitioners, educated in the field of Thermal Medicine, Cosmetology and applied Aesthetics, will help you develop a customized treatment program through which you will attain your beauty and wellness goals. Treatments are several and highly qualified:
• whirlpool bath, where a thermal-water flow is generated after performing a real massage on skin, sub-skin and muscular tissues completing the feeling of relax and wellness patients perceive when bathing.
• hypertonic bath, effected with highly-concentrated thermal water (from 10° to 16° Baumè), stimulates skin firmness and creates a beneficial flow from deep tissues to the outside so that removing scums.
• facial masks, indicated for face seborrheic dermatitis, acne, prevention and care of wrinkles and enhancing skin elasticity. Thermal mud with a thickness of 5 mm is applied for 15-20 minutes.
• aesthetic and healing massages. The choice includes a wide range of massages: from manual lymph drainage, that succesfully heal from all type of lymph disorder, to therapeutic massages and the outstanding generic wellness massages.
To provide a careful and meticulous assessment of the hearing function, the audiometric and impedancemetry examination precede and follow the therapeutic phase. Intratympanic insufflation and politzer are performed by a medical specialist.
Here is a list of Margherita di Savoia’s inhalation therapies along with the related techniques:
• inhalation
• aerosol
• sonic aerosol
• nasal irrigation
• micronised shower
• atomization
They are the right therapy to prevent and heal from:
• chronic and relapsing pharyngitis and tonsillitis
• adenotonsillar hypertrophy
• chronic rhinitis
• allergic and vasomotor rhinitis
• chronic atrophic rhinitis
• chronic or relapsing sinusitis
• chronic and bluetongue otitis media
• chronic simple otitis
• rhinogenous deafness

The establishment has also units exclusively dedicated to children.

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